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الإمام جعفر الصادق (عليه السَّلام ):
إنّ عليّا عليه السلام كان يُطعِمُ مَن خُلِّدَ في السِّجْنِ مِن بيتِ مالِ المسلمينَ.
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as):
Imam Ali (as) used to feed those who were sentenced to life imprisonment using the money of the Muslim treasury.
Source: Wasā’il al-Shī’a Vol11 P69

Individual Ethics » Virtues » Good Opinion » The Virtue of Entertaining Good Opinions
الإمام علي (عليه السَّلام):
مَن حَسُنَ ظَنُّهُ بِالناسِ حازَ مِنهُمُ المَحَبَّةَ.
Imam Ali (as):
The one who has a good opinion of people gains their love.
Source: Ghurar al-Ḥikam No8842

Individual Ethics » Virtues » Others » The Signs of the Believer
رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله):
يَصِفُ المؤمنَ: لطيفُ الحَرَكاتِ، حُلْوُ المُشاهَدةِ ... يَطلُبُ مِن الامورِ أعلاها، و مِن الأخلاقِ أسْناها ... لا يَحيفُ على مَن يُبغِضُ، و لا يأثَمُ فيمَن يُحِبُّ ... قليلُ المؤونةِ، كثير المَعونةِ ... يُحسِنُ في عملِهِ كأنّهُ ناظرٌ إلَيهِ، غَضُّ الطَّرْفِ، سَخِيُّ الكَفِّ، لا يَرُدُّ سائلًا ... يَزِنُ كلامَهُ، و يُخْرِسُ لسانَهُ ... لا يَقبَلُ الباطلَ مِن صديقِهِ، و لا يَرُدُّ الحقَّ على عدوِّهِ، و لا يَتعلّمُ إلّا لِيَعْلمَ، و لا يَعلمُ إلّا لِيَعْملَ ... إن سلَكَ مَع أهلِ الدُّنيا كانَ أكيَسَهُم، و إنْ سَلكَ مَع أهلِ الآخرةِ كانَ أورَعَهُم.
The Prophet Muhammad (S):
Describing the believer, the Prophet (s) said: [He is] subtle in his movements, sweet to look at… he seeks out the loftiest of matters, and has the most outstanding moral ethics… he does not wrong the one he hates, nor does he commit sin in favour of the one he loves… he is hardly a burden, and instead is very helpful… he perfects his actions as if he is being watched, lowers his gaze, is liberal in his giving, and never turns away a beggar… he considers his words carefully and guards his tongue… he neither accepts falsehood from a friend, nor rejects the truth from an enemy… he only learns in order that he might know, and he only seeks to know in order that he may act… When he travels with worldly people, he is the smartest of them, and when he travels with the people of the Hereafter, he is the most pious from among them.
Source: al-Tamḥīṣ No75 Biḥār al-Anwār Vol67 P71

Social Ethics » Society » Social Relations » Friendship » Encouraging Giving Gifts
رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله):
تَهادَوا تَحابُّوا، تَهادُوا فإنَّها تَذهَبُ بِالضَّغائنِ.
The Prophet Muhammad (S):
Give gifts to each other and you will love each other; give gifts to each other for it removes grudges.
Source: al-Kāfī Vol5 P144

Individual Ethics » Virtues » Good-temperedness » Remembrance of Allah
الإمام علي (عليه السَّلام):
بِبَذلِ الرحمَةِ تُستَنزَلُ الرحمَةُ.
Imam Ali (as):
Extending mercy [to others] elicits the descent of Allah's mercy.
Source: Ghurar al-Ḥikam No4343

Individual Ethics » Virtues » Forgiveness » The most severe trial
الإمام جعفر الصادق (عليه السَّلام ):
ما بَلا اللّهُ العِبادَ بشَي ءٍ أشَدَّ علَيهِم مِن إخْراجِ الدِّرْهَمِ.
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as):
Allah has not tested the servants with anything more severe than having to spend money.
Source: Sheikh Ṣadūq Vol al-Khiṣāl P7

الإمام جعفر الصادق (عليه السَّلام ):
مَن وضَعَ حُبَّهُ في غيرِ موضعِهِ فقد تَعرَّضَ للقَطيعةِ.
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as):
A man who places his amity in the wrong place is bound to suffer abandonment.

الإمام علي (عليه السَّلام):
سَلُوا القُلوبَ عنِ المَوَدّاتِ؛ فإنّها شَواهِدُ لا تَقْبَلُ الرُّشا.
Imam Ali (as):
Ask your heart about their amities, for they are witnesses that take no bribes.
Source: Ghurar al-Ḥikam No5641

Social Ethics » Society » Social Relations » Others » Friendship
الإمام جعفر الصادق (عليه السَّلام ):
تَحتاجُ الإخْوةُ فيما بَيْنَهُم إلى ثلاثةِ أشياءَ، فإنِ استَعمَلُوها و إلّا تَبايَنُوا و تَباغَضُوا، و هي: التَّناصُفُ، و التَّراحُمُ، و نَفْيُ الحَسَدِ.
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as):
Brothers need three things among them - they either use them or else dispute and hate one another – fairness, benevolence, and evasion of jealousy
Source: Tuḥaf al-‘Uqūl No322

Social Ethics » Society » Social Relations » Friendship » Honoring One's friends
رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله):
ما في امّتي عبدٌ ألْطَفَ أخاهُ في اللّهِ بشي ءٍ مِن لُطْفٍ إلّا أخْدَمَهُ اللّهُ مِن خَدَمِ الجنّةِ.
The Prophet Muhammad (S):
Any person in my community who acts kindly towards his brother in faith, Allah will grant him the service of the servants of Paradise.
Source: al-Kāfī Vol2 P206

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