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The Islamic Digital Library Project

Aiming at diffusing Islamic teachings, the International Institute of A'imat al-Huda has started the greatest digital library of Islamic teachings to be used by international users all over the world.

This product enjoys a variety of features and services in management of digital information and is a proper opportunity for studying and acquiring a proper understanding of Islamic teachings.

  • Global access to Islamic books and articles
  • Access to the table of contents and open texts of books
  • Round-the-clock access to the library
  • Creating personal library
  • With no limitation in time and place
  • Access to scarce Islamic sources
  • Free access to the books and articles
  • Multi-access to the books and articles
  • Creating study desk with a variety of research features
  • Your donation will be of great help in creating a unique product

Dear user! Through your support and assistance, our great goal will certainly be achived.