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Fear Allah with fear due to Him, and strive for His pleasure, and guard yourselves against the painful punishment about which He has warned you.

Your preoccupation with improving/ building your place of return (the Hereafter) saves you from the punishment of hell.

Blessed be the one who obligates himself to fear his Lord and obeys Him in secret and in public. Takes upon himself to fear his Lord...

So take lesson from Allah’s intense force, His attacks, His blows and His exemplary punishments that befell the arrogant nations before you.

No sooner do people omit any aspect of their religion for the sake of improving their worldly affairs than Allah will open for them something that will be more detrimental to them.

One who commits a sin and knows that Allah is aware of him and will punish him if He wishes or will forgive him if He wishes, Allah will forgive him even if he does not ask [verbally] for forgiveness.

He who curbs his anger, Allah will curb His punishment from him.

One who does not count his speaking as his deeds his mistakes will increase and his punishment will draw near.

He who does not see the bounties of Allah upon himself other than in his food, drink, and clothes, falls short in his actions and his punishment is near.