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Return the trust to the one who has entrusted you [with it], and do not betray someone who has betrayed you.

There are four things which when given to someone, they have indeed been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: truthful speech, fulfilment of trust, restraint in [filling] one's stomach [from the forbidden], and a good nature.

The best form of faith is [manifested through] trustworthiness, and the worst vice is betrayal.

Adhere to truthfulness and trustworthiness, for they are the distinguishing characteristics of the righteous.

Verily the closest of you to me tomorrow [in the Hereafter], and the most eligible of you for my intercession are those who are the most truthful ones, the most conscientious at returning a trust placed in their care, the most good-natured, and the ones who have close ties with people.

Verily Allah did not send any prophet unless with truthfulness in speech and returning a trust to its owner be he good or wicked.

Counsel should only be sought whilst fulfilling its four terms. Firstly that the one whose counsel you seek must be a man of intellect. Secondly that he must be a free and religious man. Thirdly, he must be brotherly and friendly, and fourthly that when you disclose your secret to him whereby he knows as much about it as you do, he would keep your secret and guard it well.

Truthfulness is a trust whereas lying is betrayal.

Loyalty is the epitome of the thriving of religion, and the strength of trust.

Adopt trurhfulness and trustworthiness and do not refute/ reject someone who has refuted/ rejected you and do not betray someone who has betrayed you.

There are three things regarding which Allah, the Exalted, did not allow any flexibility: returning a trust to its owner, be he good or wicked; keeping one's pact with both the good and the wicked; and kindness to one's parents whether they be good or wicked.

The worst of people is one who does not fulfill/ observe the trust and does not abstain from betrayal. The most evil of people...

The wealthy among our Shi'a are our trustees for the poor among them, so observe our right regarding them (help them); may Allah protect you.

Adhere to chastity and trustworthiness for they are the noblest characteristics you have ever concealed and the best virtues you have ever revealed/ disclosed and the best of what you have ever reserved.

My nation will continue to thrive as long as they love each other, deliver the trust, refrain from the forbidden, respect the guest, maintain the prayer, and pay the alms-tax (zakat).

Do not be deceived by their [lengthy] prayer or their [abundant] fasting, for verily it may be that a man becomes so attached to his prayer and his fasting that were he to stop doing them, he would be greatly disturbed. Rather test these people through the truth in their speech and their prompt return of goods entrusted in their care.