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The furthest a servant can be from Allah is when he associates in a brotherly manner with someone while at the same time making note of all his faults in order to one day reproach him.

The most distant a servant can ever be from Allah, Blessed and the most High, is when he is concerned about nothing but his stomach and his private parts.

The most beloved of servants to God are the most obedient of them to Him.

When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

When Allah wants good for a servant, He educates him in religion and inspires him to its complete path.

The closest of servants to Allah is he who speaks the truth the most, even if it is against him, and acts according to it, even if he detests it.

If a servant seeks forgiveness from Allah frequently, [on the Day of Judgment] the book of his record will be raised while shining brightly.

The person most despised from among Allah's creatures is a man whose [sharp] tongue people are wary of.

When a servant commits a sin he is given respite from morning till the night, so if [within such time] he seeks forgiveness from Allah, then it will not be written for him.

Whenever Allah selects a person to manage the affairs of His creation, He opens his breast [endows him with tolerance] for that purpose, and he makes springs of wisdom flow in his heart, and bestows knowledge to him by way of inspiration, after which he never again lacks the ability to answer, nor is he confused from finding the right way out.

When a servant supplicates to Allah, Allah is constantly working to grant his need as long as he doe’s not expect a quick and hasty response.

A man could be obedient to his parents during their lifetime, then after they die, he does not repay their debts or ask Allah to forgive them, so Allah records him down as being insolent. Or, he could be insolent and disobedient to them during their lifetime, but after their death he repays their debts and seeks forgiveness from Allah for them, so Allah records him down as righteous [and good to h...

Allah, Blessed and most High, sent Muhammad (SAWA) with the truth to bring out His servants from worshipping His creatures into worshipping Him, from the covenants made with His creatures to His covenants, from obedience to His creatures to obedience to Him, and from being under the rule of His creatures to His rule.

Verily Allah, most High, loves to see his servant weary from striving to earn his livelihood [lawfully].