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Better than the truth itself is the one who tells it, and better than the good deed itself is the one who performs it.

When Allah wishes to bestow good on a household, He introduces leniency into it.

When Allah wants good for a servant, He inspires him with contentment and gives him a righteous spouse.

When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

When Allah wants good for a community, He increases their scholars and decreases their ignorant ones, so when the scholar speaks, he finds supporters, but when the ignorant one speaks, he is defeated.

There are four things which when given to someone, they have indeed been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: a persevering body, a remembering tongue, a thankful heart and a righteous wife.

The person to experience the greatest punishment will be the man who recompenses good done unto him with evil.

The bane of goodness is a corrupt companion.

Refraining from evil deeds is more important/ vital than earning good deeds.

Extravagance is despised in every matter except in doing good deeds.

Verily the worst of all evil are the evil scholars, and verily the best of all good are the good scholars.

As for the right of your sitting companion - it is that you lower your wing to him [in humbleness], be fair to him in exchanging words, and do not get up from your seat without his permission, even though the one who sits with you has the right to leave your company without your permission. Forget his shortcomings and remember his virtues, and do not make him listen to anything other than good.

The ignorant is one who disobeys Allah, even if he is beautiful to look at and of high status.

A person commits a sin which causes him to regret, and then performs a good deed and that makes him happy, which takes him away from his current state of regret, but if he had stayed in the state of regret, it would have been better for him than the current state of happiness he has entered.

Allah, most High, is beautiful and He loves beauty. And He likes to see the evidence of His bounty on His servant. He loathes misery and pretending to be miserable.

Allah, most High, is beautiful and loves beauty. And He likes to see the evidence of His bounty on His servant.

Verily when Allah wants good for a servant, He marks his heart with a white spot so that his heart is occupied with seeking the truth, then He is faster at fulfilling your needs than a bird flying to its nest.