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The noblest of kings is he who rules his own self and spreads justice.

The most oppressive of people is one who counts his wrong doing as an act of justice.

When a king builds his rule on the foundations of justice and bases it on the pillars of reason, then Allah will help his advocates and will desert his enemies.

When committing oppression, remember Allah's justice upon you, and when you have power, [remember] his authority over you.

The most sincere brother in his affection is he who best maintains justice among his brothers in times of comfort and consoles/ assists them most in times of distress. The most sincere of brothers in his affection is the one who best maintains justice among them in times of comfort and helps them out in times of hardship.

The most just from all creation is he who judges best according to the truth.

The most just conduct Is to deal with people in the same manner you would like them to deal with you.

The most just of people is he who observes fairness while having the power [to do injustice].

The most just of people is he who is fair towards those who wrong him.

The wisest of kings is he who rules his own self in favour of his subjects to the extent that they would have no argument against him and rules on the people in a manner that his arguments are established for them.

The ruler with the best disposition is the one whose justice encompasses all people.

Verily the enjoinment of good and the prohibition of wrong is the path of the prophets, the way of the righteous, a great obligation on which all other obligations are founded and on which ideologies are secured, by which earnings are made lawful, by which iniquities are redressed, through which the earth flourishes, justice is sought from enemies and all affairs are kept upright.

If justice is maintained among people they will become needless, the sky will pour down its sustenance [rain], and the earth will bring out its blessings [plants, fruits and minerals] with the permission of Allah Almighty.

Verily the one who enjoins good and prohibits wrong should possess three qualities: he should act upon that which he enjoins and abstain from that which he prohibits; he must be just with regards to what he enjoins and just with regards to what he prohibits; and he must be gentle in what he enjoins and gentle in what he prohibits.

The first to enter the Fire will be a domineering ruler who did not maintain justice, a rich man possessing wealth who does not give his due from his wealth, and a poor man who is arrogant.