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The Prophet (SAWA) said to Aisha when a poor lady gave her a gift and she did not accept it in compassion for her, Why did you not accept it and recompense her with its equivalent?! Do you not see that you have humiliated her? O Aisha, be humble for Allah loves the humble and hates the haughty.

The most knowledgeable of people is he who adds other peoples knowledge to his own.

Treat people with leniency and humble yourself for God and He will raise your status.

The best of people is a worshipper who humbles himself in spite of his high position.

Verily a seed grows in soft ground and does not grow on stone, in the same way that wisdom thrives in the heart of the humble and does not thrive in the heart of the proud and haughty , because Allah has made humbleness the instrument of the intellect.

The Prophet (s) went to al-Baqi and some of his companions followed him. He stopped and ordered them to proceed and he then walked behind them. He was asked about this, and he said, I heard the beat of your sandals [behind me] and feared that some arrogance would fall into my self.

Gabriel came to the Messenger of Allah (s) and gave him the choice [between the kingdom of this world and its treasuries and asceticism] advising him sincerely to choose humbleness, thus the Messenger of Allah would eat like slaves and sit like slaves out of humbleness to Allah, blessed and the most high.

O people! The most virtuous of people is he who is humble although elevated in rank, is ascetic despite richness, is fair in spite of his strength and forgiving in spite of his power. Verily, the most virtuous of people is a servant who takes what suffices him from this world, takes self-restraint as his companion therein, prepares his provision for the journey of the Hereafter and thus is ready f...

Humbleness is to give to people what you yourself like to be given.

Prostration is the highest degree of worship that man can perform.

Honor is that you humble yourself to the truth when you face it.

Actions are purified through practice of self-restraint.

Your cheerfulness shows the generosity of your soul and your humility informs of the nobility of your character. Is indicative of the nobility of your character.

Three things enable a servant to attain Allah s pleasure: persistence in seeking forgiveness, being humble and kind, and frequent giving of charity.