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The bane of generosity towards people is making them feel obliged.

Guard your tongue, for verily this is a charitable act that you perform for your own sake.

Verily every single Muslim is to give in charity every single day.’ When asked who would be capable of such a thing, he replied, ‘Your removal of an obstacle from the road is a charitable act; your guiding someone the way is a charitable act; your visiting the sick is a charitable act; your enjoinment of good to others is a charitable act; your forbidding others from wrongdoing is a charitable act...

Verily Allah has appointed from among His creation people known for kind acts and has made its performance beloved to them, and has referred to them those who seek favour and has made the fulfilment of their need easy for them just like the rain when it quenches the thirst of a dry land.

The people who perform acts of kindness in this world will be the same ones to perform them in the Hereafter, for verily in the Hereafter their scales will be so laden with their good deeds that they will be able to bestow them generously on the sinners [in order to assist them].

Punish the wrongdoer by rewarding the good-doer.

You may improve the doers of good by honouring them, and reform the wrongdoers by disciplining them.

Perform acts of kindness to those who are worthy of them as well as those who are not worthy of them, and even if they do not deserve your kindness, you are at least worthy of [performing] kind acts.

Maintain justice among your children in gifts, just like you would like them to be just with you in goodness and affection.

Cheerfulness is the beginning of righteousness.

Once I asked Imam al-Sadiq (as), ‘A man performs an evil deed and he is fearful and worried. Then he performs a good deed that gives him a feeling of self-admiration ['Ujb].’ The Imam said, 'The first state is better for him while he is fearful than for him to entertain the sense of self-admiration.'

The generous/ noble person is one who initiates his kind act [prior to being asked].

A man came to the Prophet (SAWA) and said, O Messenger of Allah, whom shall I be good to? He said, Your mother. He asked, Then who? He (SAWA) said, Your mother. He asked, Then who? He (SAWA) said, Your mother. He said, And then who? He (SAWA) replied, Your father.

The good of this world and the Hereafter has been brought together in the concealing of secrets and the befriending of good people.

There are two virtues unexcelled by anything good: faith in Allah, and being of benefit to Allah's servants. And there are two iniquities unsurpassed by anything evil: associating partners with Allah, and causing harm to Allah's servants.