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Who are the Twelve Imams?
During his lifetime, the Holy Prophet (S) declared that after him there shall be twelve caliphs all of whom will be from Quraysh, and through whom Islam shall be exalted. but who are these twelve caliphs?

Why do the Shi‘ah believe that Imamate is a matter of appointment {tansisi}?
It is clear that the sacred religion of Islam is a universal and eternal creed and while alive, the Holy Prophet (S) had the responsibility of leading the people, and after his departure, this responsibility had to be delegated to the most appropriate individual of the ummah...

Why is Imam Ali (as) regarded as the successor of the Prophet (S)?
The biography of the Messenger of Allah (S) is a testimony to this belief; for, in many occasions he designated ‘Ali (‘a) as his successor {khalifah}. Here, we shall mention only three of these occasions...