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The most honourable gallantry is to have control over one's temper, and to kill (overcome) one's lustful desires. The most honourable chivalry is to keep one's temper under control and to suppress one's lustful desires.

Covetousness disgraces the soul/ puts the soul to shame, corrupts religion and devalues chivalry.

Self-restraint is the best part of spiritual chivalry (futuwwa).

Piety improves one's religion and protects the soul and adorns/ beautifies galentry/ magnanimity.

Imam al-Sadiq (as) once asked a man, 'Who do you consider a fata?' to which the man replied, 'A young man.' Imam said, 'No, a fata is a believer, for verily the Companions of the Cave were middle-aged men, yet Allah called them fitya [plural of fata] because of their belief.

He who has no magnanimity has no religion.

Whoever takes the side of the oppressed over the oppressor will be with me as my companion in Paradise.

Of the signs of chivalry is that when you are asked you go to lengths to fulfil it, and when you have a need/ request you make it light.

One who accepts/ receives your kind act, has indeed sold you his honour and his chivalry.