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1) Punishment from Allah (swt) is a result of man willingly disregarding divine guidance and not listening to the call of the ''outer'' and "inner" messengers.

2) The knowledge of Allah (swt) regarding the way His creatures will act in different situations, does not interfere with them being forced to choose the action in question, and in other words, Allah&#...

use he can choose between doing and giving it up. Therefore it has been narrated from the Household of the Prophet (s.a.w.) that: "It is neither compulsion nor authority but it is a matter between them." (1)

1. The aspect of Shi’ah’s creed, p.69

Depending on the contexts, freedom has different meanings and the limits of freedom are different with the difference of its meanings:
1- Freedom in the sense of existential independence, something exclusive to an absolute being and to God, the Exalted who is not constrained by anything.
2- Freedom in the sense of free will which is a philosophical and theological concept. That is...

In many verses there is mention of the unbelievers’ and hypocrites’ hearts, eyes, and ears being sealed and of the sinful and perverse being misled. Khatm and tab’ [both meaning “seal”] denote ending, stamping a seal, imprinting, printing, and rendering things in certain shapes.
Heart in some instances denotes the particular organ of the body-i.e., the corpo...

The fine point to recognize is here, that we not imagine that there is a contradiction between the two. The fact is that we both accept God’s justice as well as the freedom and responsibility of His servants as well as unity and His rule over the entire universe of existence and this is that very thing which is known as the ‘middle way’ (something which is between two extremes...