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If you are faced with a tribulation, shield your life with your wealth. If a calamity befalls you, shield your religion with your life, and know that the ruined one is he whose religion is destroyed and that the despoiled one is he whose religion is despoiled.

The most intelligent of people is one who looks into the consequences the most.

Increase your silence and your thoughts will flourish, your heart will enlighten, and people will be safe from your hands.

Behold that surely the Ahl al-Bayt are the gates of wisdom, illumination in darkness, and [guiding] light for nations.

Verily the noblest speech is to speak of Allah and the fountainhead of wisdom is His obedience.

Verily the wise men ruined wisdom when they deposited it with those who were unworthy of it.

Verily wisdom is the light of every heart.

Verily the pleasant fragrance strengthens the heart and acts as an aphrodisiac.

Verily a seed grows in soft ground and does not grow on stone, in the same way that wisdom thrives in the heart of the humble and does not thrive in the heart of the proud and haughty , because Allah has made humbleness the instrument of the intellect.

A plant grows on level ground and not on the hard terrain, and similarly wisdom flourishes in the heart of the humble, and does not flourish in the heart of the haughty and overbearing, because Allah made humbleness the instrument of the intellect and haughtiness the instrument of ignorance.

Verily the man of intellect contents himself with less worldly things when accompanied with wisdom, and does not content himself with less wisdom and more worldly things, and this is why their trade [of the transient for the permanent] profits them.

Whenever Allah selects a person to manage the affairs of His creation, He opens his breast [endows him with tolerance] for that purpose, and he makes springs of wisdom flow in his heart, and bestows knowledge to him by way of inspiration, after which he never again lacks the ability to answer, nor is he confused from finding the right way out.

When a believer sins a black dot appears on his heart. If he repents, pulls back and seeks forgiveness his heart is cleansed from the black dot, but if he increases his sins the dot grows larger, and this is the rust that Allah has mentioned in His Book: "No indeed! Rather their hearts have been sullied by what they have been earning."

Hypocrisy appears as a black dot [on the heart]. Whenever hypocrisy increases in magnitude that black dot increases, and when hypocrisy becomes complete the heart becomes black.