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The lowest level of disbelief is when a man hears something from his fellow brother, memorizing it and desiring to expose him by it. There is no share of blessings for these people.

The most basic level of infidelity is for a man to hear a fellow brother say something and memorize it for future to use against him in order to shame him with it. Those are worthless people indeed.

Verily Allah, Blessed and most High, has placed everything at the disposal of the believer except that which brings disgrace upon him.

You must beware of greed, and despair of acquiring anything in the possession of others. Suppress the greed in others for verily greed is the key to disgrace, it exploits the intellect, fabricates valorous qualities for itself, tarnishes ones reputation, and does away with ones knowledge.

Beware of debt for verily it is a source of anxiety in the night and a source of disgrace during the day.

Covetousness does not increase sustenance, but rather it degrades a person's value.

The covetous is a captive of a lowliness whose captivity is never-ending.

The greedy person is shackled in disgrace.

People, in their effort to avoid disgrace, rush headlong into it.

The consequence of lying is humiliation in this world and punishment in the Hereafter.

A lifetime of honour can never compensate for an hour of disgrace.

The slave of his own desire is more humiliated than an owned slave.

It is enough of a disgrace for a man that he should wear such clothes or ride such a beast as draws attention to himself.

A believer must never disgrace himself.' When asked by someone how this disgrace comes about, he replied, 'By going out of his way to obtain that which is beyond his contro

If times of death were revealed, expectations would be debunked.

How revolting it is for the believer to have an avid desire that disgraces him.

No sooner does an honourable man abandon the truth than he is abased, and no sooner does a disgraced man adopt it than he is honoured.

A person is arrogant or tyrannical only as a result of a [source of] disgrace he has in himself.

Whoever you have sought your need from, you have lowered yourself in his eyes.