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As a way of appreciating Allah's favours upon you, do good to the one who has done evil to you. As a way of thanksgiving to God for his favours …

Do good to the one who has wronged you, and forgive the one who has commited atrocity/ evil against you.

Entertain good opinion about Allah, For Allah says: I deal with my faithful servant according to his opinion about Me. If he thinks good about Me, then I will be good to him, and if he thinks bad about me, I will treat him accordingly.

When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

someone or something], then do not seek to make it true. And if you are jealous [of someone or something] then do not covet them, and if you draw an evil omen from something, ignore it and walk away.

When you commit an evil deed then follow it with the performance of a good deed to efface it.

If people cut off ties with their kin, their wealth will be placed at the disposal of evil people.

The friendships that are the quickest to break are the friendships made with evildoers.

The person to experience the greatest punishment will be the man who recompenses good done unto him with evil.

Refraining from evil deeds is more important/ vital than earning good deeds.

Doing good to the wrongdoer corrects/ reforms the foe.

Verily the worst of all evil are the evil scholars, and verily the best of all good are the good scholars.

Indeed fear of people must not prevent any of you from speaking the truth when he sees it fit to remind others of the grandeur of Allah, for neither will it [i.e. speaking the truth] hasten your destined end, nor will it ward off your decreed sustenance.

The evil deed to be punished the quickest is agression.

Verily the enjoinment of good and the prohibition of wrong is the path of the prophets, the way of the righteous, a great obligation on which all other obligations are founded and on which ideologies are secured, by which earnings are made lawful, by which iniquities are redressed, through which the earth flourishes, justice is sought from enemies and all affairs are kept upright.