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The most beloved of all acts to Allah, Mighty and Exalted, is the prayer, and it is the last legacy of the prophets.

When Allah loves a servant, He exhorts him with examples.

The most truthful saying and the most complete exhortation, and the greatest of stories is the Book of Allah.

The best form of charity is that which is secretly given to the poor by one who himself has little to offer.

Verily, there is an exhortation and lesson in everything for those who have wisdom and take lesson.

O son of Adam! You will continue to thrive as long as you are the admonisher of your self, and as long as accounting for yourself is one of your concerns.

An intelligent person is he who is exhorted by experiences.

Thinking for an hour is better than worshipping for a year, for "Only those who possess intellect take admonition."

Imam Ali (as) said in his description of this world, The world is the abode of exhortation for he who accepts from it...The world recalled to them the next life and they bore it in mind. It related to them (things of the next lif

It is narrated in al-Kafi: From what Allah advised Jesus (AS): O Jesus, do not wake up disobedient and do not regain consciousness [engaged] in amusement. Wean yourself away from destructive desires, and abandon every passion that distances you from Me.

Luqman (as) said to his son, exhorting him, ‘Pray in congregation, even if you have to stand on an arrowhead [to do so].

Luqman (as) said to his son, exhorting him, ‘If you want to attract honour in this world, then cut off your greed of drawing advantage from what other people have in their possession; for verily the prophets and the veracious ones achieved what they did by cutting off their greed.’

The ignorant one rarely takes lesson [from experiences].

He for whom Allah has not made an exhorter from his own self, the exhortations of people will not benefit him at all.

He who exhorts his brother in secret has indeed adorned him, and he who exhorts him in public has dishonoured him.

He who advises his brother in private adorns him, and he who advises him publicly degrades him.

Take lesson from [the lives of] those who passed before you, before those who come after you take lesson from you [i.e. your life].