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Islam and Iman or faith (which are two terms referring to two different things) have different levels and degrees. The first degree, which is referred to as “Isla

From the viewpoint of the Shia, Abutalib, the son of ‘Abd al-Mottalib, the eminent father of the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (a.s) and the uncle of the Holy Prophet (s.a), is among the people who believed in the apostleship (risālah) of the Messenger of All

ering the results is very important to stop us and protect us from falling in sin. Those who commit sins forget about the results, or might even lose faith in the result of the deeds in this life and the Hereafter. Just think about what Allah says:

So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.( Az-Zalzala...

As children of one father have a feeling of brotherhood because all are the off-springs of one father, likewise, the creatures of One God are bound to have brotherly feelings towards each other because they are the creation of One Creator. 


eople have yearned for a Creator. That’s what I’m referring to as an innate nature.

Is the intellect an enemy to faith?

All human faculties such as the senses including also the intellect are part and parcel of the whole process of seeking the truth. None of these by themselves will be sufficient, but on a whole they are not really in contradiction. I...

1) Thinking about the bad effects it can have on one's spirit, nerves, religion, and hereafter.
2) Strengthening one's faith in Allah.
3) Doing things opposite of that which jealousy calls for.
4) Supplication and calling Allah, which is the best and most effective way of putting an end to mental and spiritual problems.


l sorry for them and the mirage they walk in towards Hell.”

In the following tradition, Imam Ali (a.s.) mentions the qualities of the faithful and pious people, who follow sound reason and walk in the right path. Imam Ali (a.s.) says, 

 ‘A faithful one is truthful in the worldly life, with an insightful heart. He keeps to the (moral) limits. He is a vessel...

of negligence and for seeking proximity to the Truth. [5]

God, the Exalted, says:

“O you who have faith! Remember Allah with frequent remembrance,”[6]

When remembrance increases in one’s heart, he starts to get interested in Him and this interest becomes his secondary habit so much that he remembers God in all situations.

Application of logic and rational thinking is not only permissible but highly recommended and sometimes it is obligatory in Islam. Believing in the fundamental truth needs a proper application of logic and rational thinking to understand that universe has been created by one creator, Allah (s.w.t). Every Muslim must use his intellect to reach the main facts of this universe like Tawheed, Adl, N...

They are many signs of weakness of true faith. Some of them can be felt by the person himself in his heart (inner signs), and others can be seen on his behavior (outer signs). The inner sign

f the prophets (s.a), Awliya, and the leaders of the religion all aid in strengthening this faculty of God seeking and they help in strengthening our faith.

Fana’ is an Arabic word and literally means non existence and being annihilated.  In the words of the Urafa’, it means for a servant to utterly abide in Allah in a way that the humanistic aspect of the servant fades away in the Rububiyyah aspect of Allah.  Those who seek and follow the path towards Allah have divided this path into stations and stages and have perceived Fa...

Religion is a set of beliefs associated with practical and moral principles delivered to humankind by God's messengers, for the guidance of man and his eternal prosperity and salvation.
According to religious teachings, the necessity of religion is rooted in the fitrah (nature) of man. In the holy Quran, the fitrah is characterized as a divine one, that all of His orders and laws are...