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A major sin is one thatthe punishment of Hell is promised to its committer in the Quran or ahadith.  (There are also other criteria for a sin being a major one).  Also minor sins turn into major sins when committed repeatedly (when insisted on by the sinner).
In the Quran, Allah has promised to forgive all sins if one truly repents to Him.  Regarding Haqqullah (the rights ...

Every person can do good deeds on behalf of others especially one’s parents. In such a case, not only will the reward of that deed go to the one that has been gifted the good deed, but the person doing the good deed will also be rewarded the same reward, if not more.

One of the beliefs of the Twelver Shiites is the belief in intercession. They maintain that a sinner under certain conditions may be granted forgiveness by God through intercession.
The Wahhabis have raised questions against the Shiites regarding this belief. They say that having suc

is sins and misdeeds:
1- Repenting according to its conditions and returning to Allah.
2- Doing extraordinary good deeds that cause the forgiveness of evil deeds.
3- Avoiding major sins which entails the forgiveness of minor sins.
4- Enduring the difficulties and catastrophes of this world, the hardships of Barzakh (the barrier between the mortal world a

There are many ways to receive forgiveness and pardon. We will mention a few of them here:
1. Repentance and rededicating oneself to the path of God (contingent upon its cond

The point in the question is neither hundred percent acceptable nor is it hundred percent refutable, but it depends squarely on the type of the sin and the person who commits it. There are some sins like shirk (polytheism) which is not forgivable at all. Similarly, violating or not fulfilling people's rights is a sin which is not forgivable through others' prayers and invocation. In fac...


3- Taking account of our deeds every day, and stopping on every sin committed -God forbid- and repenting on it and seeking forgiveness and deciding not to do it again. We also should thank Allah (SWT) for every good deed done, so that we get more from His bounties.

4- Repeating Estighfaar (seeking forgiveness) as much as possible, especially before sunset and b...

Although Shaitan is man's sworn enemy and it is making its utmost efforts to lead man towards sins and evil actions and to create a gap between him and God, God loves His servants even the sinners and He wants them to be guided and prosperous. Therefore, no sinner under any circumstances should despair of God's mercy even though he might have committed a great many sins. God Himself say...