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When God loves His servant, He inspires him with what is good for him and grants him success in His obedience.

I and the guardian of an orphan will both be like this in Heaven, if he is wary of his duty to Allah - raising and joining his index and middle fingers.

There is a house in Heaven called the House of Happiness, which none shall enter except those who have made the orphans of the believers happy.

Every Muslim who meets another Muslim and makes him happy Allah Almighty will make him happy.

O’ servants of Allah, devote your efforts to taking provision in the short period of this world for the long lasting day of Judgment; for this world is the abode of action, whereas the Hereafter is the abode of [permanent] settlement and Requital [of Deeds].

Allah's creatures are His dependents, so the most beloved of God’s creatures to Him are those who benefit His dependents and bring happiness into a family.

Bounties in this world are safety and a healthy body, and the completion of bounties in the Hereafter is entrance into Heaven. And the bounties [of Allah] are not complete until the servant enters Heaven.

It is forbidden for every heart that is full of desires to journey through the realms of the Heavens.

He who discloses his problems to others resigns himself to disgrace.

Freshen your mouths by brushing, for verily they are the means to the Qur'an.

When one of you brings joy to another believer, let him not see it as having only made him happy. Rather, by Allah, he makes us happy, and by Allah, he makes the Prophet (s) happy too.