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How do the Shi‘ah view the Sahabah {Companions}?
History has recorded the names and descriptions of more than 12 thousand people as the Companions of the Prophet (S) including people of various personalities. The station of companionship of the Prophet is, without doubt, a great honor granted to a certain group. We should also confess that the companionship of the Prophet of God is not an alchemy that transforms man's disposition, ensures his pi...

Imam Ali (as) as Viewed by the Holy Prophet (S)
...With that said, a question may arise here that while there were too many companions of the Holy Prophet (s) who could claim to be entitled to this important position, why was Ali (as) chosen as the successor of the Prophet (s)?

What Non-Muslims Say About Muhammad, The Prophet of Islam
This is a collection of short quotations from a wide variety of Non-Muslim notables, including academics, writers, philosophers, poets, politicians, and activists belonging to the East and the West.

Why do the Shi‘ah regard the sons of Imam ‘Ali  (‘a) (Hasan and Husayn (‘a)) as the ofsprings of the Messenger of Allah (S)?
In essence, the Holy Qur’an regards a person’s consanguineous children as his children. Also, it deems as his children (both male and female) those who are born from his children. In the Qur’an and the Sunnah, there are plenty of proofs substantiating this fact, some of which we will mention in this article...