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Allah, the Glorified, has fixed the livelihood of the destitute in the wealth of the rich. so no poor man goes hungry except as a result of what a rich man has denied him, and Allah, the Sublime, will question them about it.

Imam Ali (as), in his will, before his martyrdom said, 'By Allah, by Allah, [pay attention] to orphans. Do not be inconsistent with feeding them, coming one day and abandoning them the next, and do not deprive them of your presence, as I have heard the Prophet (s) say, 'Whoever elevates an orphan until he becomes free from need, Allah will make it incumbent for him to enter Heaven just as He has m...

A content person is rich even if he happens to be hungry or without clothes.

The Prophet (s) said, 'He has no faith in me who sleeps the night satiated while his neighbour is hungry.' He has also said, 'No sooner do the people in a village sleep at night while there is a hungry man in their midst than Allah will not look at