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Certainly Allah has made me an Imam for His creation, so He has made it mandatory upon me to take into consideration myself, and adjust my food, my drink, and my clothing according to that of the weak people [of the community], so that the poor may follow me in my poverty and the wealth of the rich does not embolden them to transgress.

Verily the Shia of Ali (as) are those who restrain their stomachs and private parts, strive severely, act for their Lord, hope for His reward and fear His punishment, If you come across such people, [know] that they are the Shia of Ja’far (as).

Describing the believer, Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, The efforts exerted by others seem more sincere to him than his own efforts, and every person seems more righteous to him then his own self.

Imam al-Sadiq (as) said to one of his companions: I advise You and myself to fear the One whose disobedience is not permissible, and none is hoped other than Him, and riches is not obtained except through Him.

Imam Al (as) said in his sermon: I seek refuge in Allah from the sins which expedite one’s death. Then Abdullah ibn al-Kawa’ stood up and asked: O Commander of the faithful, are there such sins which expedite one’s death? To which the Imam (as) replied: Yes indeed, and that is cutting off ties with one’s kin.

The Commander of the Faithful (as) would frequently say in his sermons, 'O people! Preserve your religion, for the bad deed of a religious person is better than the good deed of a religion-less person, because the bad deed of a religious person can be forgiven but the good deed of a religion-less person is not accepted.

Verily your world to me is more worthless than a leaf being gnawed at in the mouth of a locust... What has Ali got to do with perishable things?!