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Verily Imamate (divinely appointed leadership of the twelve Imams) is the ever-growing root of Islam as well as its lofty branch.

Verily Imama (divinely appointed leadership of the twelve Imams) is the ever-growing root of Islam as well as its lofty branch.

Verily Imāmah is the progressive basis of Islam, as well as its lofty branches.

Verily Imama is the reins of religion, the ruling system of the Muslims, the prosperity for the world and an honour for the believers.

Verily Allah s proof [authority] over His creation will not be established except by the Imam.

Verily the number of successors after me is as the number of the chiefs of Moses.

Indeed the example of my household among you is like that of Noah s Ark; whosoever embarked it was saved and whosoever chose to remain behind it was drowned.

Verily there is no obligation on the Imam except that which has been devolved on him by Allah, namely to convey exhortations, to strive to give good counsel, to keep the prophetic practice alive, to enforce penalties on those liable to them and to issue shares [of taxes and charity] to those who deserve them.

Imama is the [structural] system of the [Muslim] community.

Imāmah is the light, and that is the purport of His saying [in the Qur an]: "So have faith in Allah and His Apostle and the light which We have sent down". He (as) said, The light is the Imam.

e people on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them, and there is a painful punishment for them: One who unrightfully claims the position of Imamate from Allah, One who rejects an Imam appointed by Allah, and one who assumes that these two have any share in Islam.

I heard Abu al-Hasan al-Rida (as) saying, May Allah have mercy on anyone who revives our cause. I asked, How does he revive your cause? He replied, He learns our teachings and teaches them to the people, for verily if people were to know the goodness in our speech, they would follow us.

Imam al-Sadiq (as), mentioning the status and qualities of the Imams said, Allah has made them the [source of] life for mankind, the lamps in the darkness, the masters of speech, and the pillars of Islam.

None can uphold the command of Allah, Glory be to Him, save one who can neither be bribed, nor does he give up, nor follows coveted desires.

If the Imam was to ever be removed from the earth even for an instant, the whole earth would shake its inhabitants the way a turbulent ocean shakes those who are on it.

We are the tree of prophethood, the settling place of the divine message, the place frequented by angels, the mines of knowledge and the springs of wisdom.

You certainly know that he who is in charge of the honour, the lives, the booty, [enforcement of] the commandments and the leadership of the Muslims must not be a miser ... nor must he accept bribes in his ruling lest he forfeit people s rights and give them to those who do not deserve them.