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Your messenger is the interpreter of your intellect, and your letter is the most eloquent in expressing your true self.

There are six things by which mens intellects may be tested: the company they keep, their dealings, authority, their disassociation from power and government, their wealth and their poverty.

The intellect of every man can be determined by the words that flow through his mouth.

When a king builds his rule on the foundations of justice and bases it on the pillars of reason, then Allah will help his advocates and will desert his enemies.

When intellect is complete speech decreases.

When an intelligent man grows old, his intellect remains young [and sharp], and when an ignorant man grows old, his ignorance too remains young [and more reckless].

A man’s admiration and satisfaction with himself is a proof of his weak intellect.

The most intelligent of people is he who is well aware of his own faults and blind to others faults.

The bane of the heart is self-admiration.

The intellects are most often defeated as a result of subservience to bursts of greed.

The most perfect of people in intellect is the best of them in character.

The best of people in the sight of God is one who has revived his intellect, suppressed his lust, and exhausts himself to improve his Hereafter.

Verily a seed grows in soft ground and does not grow on stone, in the same way that wisdom thrives in the heart of the humble and does not thrive in the heart of the proud and haughty , because Allah has made humbleness the instrument of the intellect.

Verily the wretched person is he who is deprived of drawing any benefit from his intellect and the experiences that he has been granted.

Verily half of an intellectual man is tolerating, and the other half is ignoring.

Verily Allah, Blessed and most High, perfected His authoritative proofs for people through the intellects, helped messengers with [eloquent] speech, and guided them to His Lordship through reasoning.

Counsel should only be sought whilst fulfilling its four terms. Firstly that the one whose counsel you seek must be a man of intellect. Secondly that he must be a free and religious man. Thirdly, he must be brotherly and friendly, and fourthly that when you disclose your secret to him whereby he knows as much about it as you do, he would keep your secret and guard it well.