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The bane of success is laziness.

Beware of becoming lazy and bored, for they will both deprive you of your share in this world and the Hereafter.

Beware of becoming lazy and bored, for if you become lazy you will not act, and if you become bored you will not give rights.

Three characteristics distinguish a show off: he is energetic and active whilst in the presence of people, but he is lazy when he is by himself, and he loves to be praised for everything.

Do not seek help from a lazy person, and do not consult with a weak person.

Your quest to secure your means of subsistence should be such that it is neither like the earning of a wasteful squanderer, and nor like the greedy man who loves and depends on this world. Rather, you must raise yourself from the level of weakness and incapacity, and bring yourself down [from the level of greed] to the level of an equitable and virtuous man, and seek your earning the way a believ...

One who submits/ adheres to laziness will be sorrounded with/ overtaken by regret.

One whose laziness persists his hope will be destroyed. One with a persistant laziness will have his hope destroyed.

One who is lazy in performing ritual purity and his prayer there is no good in him regarding his Hereafter, and one who is lazy in that which improves his livelihood there is no good in him regarding his worldly affairs.