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When the believer renounces this world, he is elevated and finds the sweet taste of Allah's love; he appears to the people of this world as if he is confounded in his mind, [and the truth is that] they have confounded the sweetness of Allah's love such that they do not occupy themselves with other than Him.

I will be the first to enter into the presence of the Noble, all-Conqueror on the Day of Judgment, with His Book and my household, then my community, where I will ask them, 'What did you do with the Book of Allah and with my household?

Allah, may His remembrance be exalted, sealed the prophets with your prophet, so there will never be a prophet after him, and He sealed the books with your Book, so there will never be a Book after it.

Verily Allah disciplined His messenger upon His love, and said: “And indeed, you are of a sublime moral character.”

Verily Allah almighty disciplined His messenger with an excellent discipline, and when He perfected his manners He said: “And indeed, you are of a sublime moral character.” Then He trusted to him the affairs of religion and the Ummah so that he could manage the affairs of His servants.

Beware of helping someone against an oppressed Muslim lest he make a plea to Allah against you and his plea be answered, for our grandfather, the messenger of Allah (s) used to say, Verily the plea of a Muslim who has been wronged is answerewd.

Irascibility is a type of madness, since its perpetrator always regrets. If however, he does not regret, his madness is confirmed.

The invocation of blessings on me is a light on the Sirat.

Invoking blessings on me and my household (Ahl al-Bayt) takes away hypocrisy.