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Verily when a servant withdraws to be alone with his Master in the middle of the dark night and intimately converses with Him, Allah places divine light into his heart…then He, Exalted be His Splendour, says to His angels, ‘O My angels, look at My servant how he seeks solitude to be with Me in the middle of the dark night while the worthless ones remain heedless and the negligent ones sleep. Witne...

Beware of negligence and delusion about the respite [that you have been given], for indeed negligence ruins deeds.

Know that Allah does not answer supplication from a heedless and distracted heart.

The remembrance of death kills the desires in the self and uproots the sources of inattentiveness. It strengthens the heart about Allah s promises, softens one s attitude, breaks the pillars of inclinations, extinguishes the fire of greed, and it degrades the world.

Anything that distracts you from the remembrance of Allah is from Iblis [Satan].

Do not preoccupy yourself away from the duties incumbent upon you in your bid to secure that which is guaranteed to you, for indeed neither will you miss out on that which has been apportioned for you, nor will you attain that which has been placed beyond your reach.

Do not speak excessively without the remembrance of Allah, for excessive speech devoid of the remembrance of Allah hardens the heart. The farthest of people from Allah are the hard-hearted.

There is nothing worse from amongst the transgressions than submitting to one's base desires, so do not obey them as they will preoccupy you from [remembering] Allah.

He who observes his own faults is preoccupied from others faults.

He who takes account of his self profits, he who neglects it is at a loss, and he who fears will be safe.

He whose negligence is prolonged, hastens his own destruction.

The one who is overcome by negligence, his heart is dead.

He who is negligent in his work will be afflicted with grief.

And keep your residence in large cities, for they are the gathering places of Muslims; and stay away from places of ignorance and coarseness.