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When God loves His servant, He inspires him with what is good for him and grants him success in His obedience.

When a believer enters his grave, it is said to him, Behold, that your first gift is Paradise and the gift for those who attended your funeral is forgiveness.

When matters become obscure for you like the darkness of the night, then turn to the Quran, for it is an intercessor whose intercession is accepted and a complainant whose complaint is acknowledged. Whoever puts it in front of them, it will lead them to Heaven, and whoever puts it behind them, it will drag them to Hell .

The most prosperous of people is one who acknowledges our virtue, seeks nearness to God through us, is sincere in his love for us, acts upon whatever we have advised, and refrains from what we have prohibited. Such a person is indeed from us and will be with us in the everlasting abode.

The best of people is he who longs for worship and embraces it, loves it with his heart, throws himself into it with his whole body, and devotes himself exclusively to it, such that he is not concerned in what worldly state he wakes up in the morning; in difficulty or in ease.

The most effective way my community will enter Paradise is through Godwariness [Taqwa] and good character.

The most effective way through which my community will enter Paradise is God-wariness and good character.

Indeed, Jihad (i.e. combat against the self) is the price for Paradise, so whosoever combats his self, owns paradise, and it is the most noble reward of God for those who understand its glory.

There are six signs of a person of conviction: he has truly attained conviction in Allah and believed in Him, he is convinced that death is true and he is wary of it, he is convinced that Resurrection is true and he fears shame , he is convinced that Heaven is true and he longs for it, he is convinced that Hell is true and his endeavour is apparent in his wanting to be saved from it, he is convin...

I and the guardian of an orphan will both be like this in Heaven, if he is wary of his duty to Allah - raising and joining his index and middle fingers.