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When God wants good for a servant, He makes chaste his stomach and private parts. …will grant him chastity regarding his stomach and private parts.

The most prosperous of people is one who acknowledges our virtue, seeks nearness to God through us, is sincere in his love for us, acts upon whatever we have advised, and refrains from what we have prohibited. Such a person is indeed from us and will be with us in the everlasting abode.

The most honourable gallantry is to have control over one's temper, and to kill (overcome) one's lustful desires. The most honourable chivalry is to keep one's temper under control and to suppress one's lustful desires.

The worst enemy of man is his rage and lust, and he who suppresses them will make his status elevate and will reach his goal.

One with the greatest authority over his own self is he who has his temper under control, and has killed his lustful desires.

The bane of the soul is infatuation with this world.

The person most despised by Allah, the Exalted, from among His creatures is the one whose greatest concerns are [sating the appetite of] his stomach and his private parts.

When Allah with His Generosity and Benevolence made the obligations a duty upon you, He did not do so for a need He has for them. Rather, it is as a result of the Benevolence He has over you - there is no god but He - and in order to distinguish between the bad and the good, and to test what is in your chests, and to purify what is in your hearts.

Remember the demolisher of pleasures, the destroyer of lustful desires and the caller to dispersion/ seperation.

Conquer your lustful desire and your wisdom will be perfected.

An intellectual person is one who has abandoned his lust, and sells his world for his hereafter.

The sagacious person is one who knows himself and purifies his actions. …one who has come to know himself and …