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ou are faced with a tribulation, shield your life with your wealth. If a calamity befalls you, shield your religion with your life, and know that the ruined one is he whose religion is destroyed and that the despoiled one is he whose religion is despoiled.

One who is full of greed has in fact devalued himself. One who has adopted greed/ a covetous disposition has indeed agreed to humiliation.

Indeed those before you were ruined due to the fact that they deprived people of their rights and subsequently they resorted to buying them [by bribing them], and they forced them

Beware of procrastination for verily it is the sea in which losers drown.

Be a scholar or a student or at least love the people of knowledge, and do not become of the fourth group or your hate for them will destroy you.

Stopping in the face of an obscure matter is better than plunging headlong into disaster.

Efficient organisation and avoidance of squandering is part of good management

One who takes imjustice as a mount will be overtaken by perdition.

The one who takes wrongdoing as a mount will be thrown off by it.

From what Allah advised Jesus (as): 'O Jesus, do not wake up in the state of disobedience [to me] and do not regain consciousness [while engaged] in amusement. Wean yourself away from destructive desires, and abandon every passion that distances you from Me.

How many an envied person for his bounty who will be among the destroyed ones in the hereafter. How many a person who is envied for his wealth while, in the hereafter, he will be among the wretched ones.

Whoever who commits oppression will have his lifespan decreased and his oppression will lead to his ruin.