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Because of its unique essence, and considering its degree of existence, this world is a mix of happiness and sorrow, joy and grief, and hardship and ease. You can never find total bliss and happiness in it. Some of the hardships people may have in it are actually divine tests so that the believing can be distinguished from the rest. As for true welfare and happiness, it can only be found in the...

associated with practical and moral principles delivered to humankind by God's messengers, for the guidance of man and his eternal prosperity and salvation.
According to religious teachings, the necessity of religion is rooted in the fitrah (nature) of man. In the holy Quran, the fitrah is characterized as a divine one,

e succeeded.” And he passed away (reached martyrdom) two days later [on the 21st of Ramadan] due to the injury.

divine salvation or prosperity and to make sure that in the end we depart this world while having faith is the last stage of perfection for which we all must strive and which must be our main concern. 

Look how a divine leader like Imam Ali i...

nite vow of Allah (swt) and the reward of the pious believers who completely obey the prophet (pbuh). One who possesses these traits will truly reach salvation.
One of the prophet’s commands that must be obeyed is that we have to obey “those vested with authority”, know them and fulfill our responsibilities towards them. Without a doubt, those who d