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Verily, Allah looked upon the earth and chosed us (i.e. Ahl al-Bayt), and He chosed for us our Shi'a who help us and become happy for our happiness, and become sorrowful for our sorrow, and give away their lives and wealth in our cause. They are from us and [headed] towards us, and will be with us in Paradise.

Verily when our Qaim rises, Allah will sharpen the sight and the hearing of our followers (Shia) to such an extent that there will be no need for courier between them and al-Qaim. He will speak to them and they will hear him, and they will see him whilst he is in his own locality.

The wealthy among our Shi'a are our trustees for the poor among them, so observe our right regarding them (help them); may Allah protect you.

Let not different thoughts and ideologies deceive you, by Allah our Shia are only those who obey Allah, Mighty and Exalted.

Not everyone who claims to believe in our Wilaya [Guardianship] is a [true] believer, rather they have been made to be a source of consolation for the [true] believers.

We and our followers (Shia) are the party of Allah, and the party of Allah is the victorious.

O Abu Basir, blessed be the followers [Shia] of our Awaited Saviour [Qaim] who wait for his appearance during his occultation, and obey him when he reappears. They are the friends of Allah who will indeed have no fear nor will they grieve.

O Jabir, does one who claims to be our shi'a think it suffices him to say that he loves us Ahl al-Bayt? By Allah, our Shi'a are only those who are wary of Allah and obey Him and are known for their humility and fear of Allah and trustworthiness and frequent remembrance of Allah and fasting and praying and goodness towards their parents and caring for their poor neighbors and the destitute and thos...