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And I'll Get the Firewood... (story)
Our Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (S) was sent by Allah to be our teacher. He said, "I have been sent to perfect noble manners." He taught the Muslims in many ways. Sometimes he would teach them by his words and speeches. Other times he would show them what to do by performing the actions himself...

Fascinating discourses from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Twenty Traditions from the Holy Prophet (s)

The Shi'ite collections of Hadith
The hadiths of the Prophet, and his Sunna generally, are considered, together with the Qur'an, as primary sources of the system of Muslim belief and jurisprudence. After the passing away of the Prophet, a group of Muslims, under the pressure of the powers of the government of the time, neglected to write down the prophetic hadiths; but fortunately, the followers of the Imams of the ahl al-bayt vig...

The sources of Shi'i Jurisprudence and teachings
The foundations of Shi'i jurisprudence are the Scripture, the Sunna, the intellect and consensus (ijma'). The Sunna refers to the speech and actions of the ma'sumin, at the head of whom stands the Prophet of Islam. Therefore, whenever a hadith is related by a trustworthy person and it consists in a report of an action or saying of the Prophet, it is considered as possessing credibility...

Why do Shi'a Muslims regard their Imams as “infallible” {ma‘sum}?
There are numerous proofs which confirm the infallibility {ismah} of the Imams who are all members of the Prophet's Household {Ahl al-Bayt}. We shall mention only one of them in this article:

Why is Imam Ali (as) regarded as the successor of the Prophet (S)?
The biography of the Messenger of Allah (S) is a testimony to this belief; for, in many occasions he designated ‘Ali (‘a) as his successor {khalifah}. Here, we shall mention only three of these occasions...