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If Allah knew of something more insignificant than saying: 'Fie' to one's parents, He would have used it, and it is the lowest level of insolence [to one's parents]. Insolence also includes a man's looking at his parents with a sharp gaze. Note: This hadith is in reference to the verse where Allah says, 'Your Lord has decreed that you shall not worship anyone except Him, and [He has enjoined] ki...

When there is a group of three people, two of them must not converse to each other secretly leaving out the third one, for this would make him sad and intimidated.

Verily the inmates of the Fire will be tormented by the stench of the knowledgeable man who had abandoned his knowledge.

Maintain relations with your kin, even if it is with a drink of water, and the best way through which you maintain ties of kinship is by abstaining from harming them.

Neighbourliness is not only to desist from annoying [one's neighbour], but also to forbear annoyance [from him].

Deceit and harming [others] are not of the morals of the believers.