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I guarantee that the one who entertains in his heart nothing save satisfaction with Allah, has only to ask Allah and He will answer him.

Allah, most High, revealed to me saying, ‘O brother of the prophets and the warners, warn your people not to enter any of My places of worship while having committed a wrong to another servant, for verily I curse him as long as he stands to pray before Me, until he makes amends for that wrong [returns his rights].

Two simple units of prayer performed with contemplation are better than standing the whole night in prayer.

Do not stand for prayer lazily, drowsily or sluggishly for verily these are from among the disturbances brought about by hypocrisy, and verily Allah has prohibited the believers from standing for prayer while they are intoxicated, which means when intoxicated by sleep.

The one who does not pay the alms-tax (Zakat) is not considered as having prayed (his prayer is not accepted).

The prayer of one who does not humble himself in his prayer does not count.

If you pray so much that you become [as thin as strings], and fast so much that you [bend over] as arches, Allah will not accept any of it unless it is accompanied by piety.

Only that part of your prayer in which you engaged with your full attention is accepted.

Whoever looks at his parents with resentment, even if they oppress him, Allah will not accept a single prayer from him.

A believer must supplicate Allah in times of ease the same way that he supplicates Allah in times of difficulty.