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Verily the wise men ruined wisdom when they deposited it with those who were unworthy of it.

Verily upon everything is its zakat, and the zakat of knowledge is to teach it to those who are worthy of it.

Verily the heart of a youngster is like an empty plot of land - it accepts whatever is planted therein.

The right of the child upon the parent is that he gives him a good name, disciplines him with good manners, and teaches him the Quran.

The acquisition of knowledge is the seed for [the growth of] inner knowledge.’

Imam Ali (AS)said to Imam al-Hasan (AS), The heart of a youth resembles an empty land – it receives all that is thrown into it. This is why I have started to teach you good manners before your heart is hardened and your soul is preoccupied.

Everything is achievable, except the removal of an ingrained habit.

Do not grant wisdom to the ignorant ones for they will not do justice to it, and do not deprive it to those who are worthy of it for you will do injustice to them.

A man who teaches his own self and disciplines it deserves more reverence than a man who teaches others and disciplines them.

He who abandons listening to intellectual people, his own intellect dies.