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Whoever listens attentively reaps its benefits immediately.

The one amongst people to be the most severely punished will be the knowledgeable man who has not benefited from his knowledge one bit.

The most virtuous of people according to Allah is he to whom action in accordance with what is right is more beloved - even if it damages and worries him - than what is false, even if it gives him benefit and increases him.

O people! Ask Allah for conviction and seek good health from him, for the greatest of blessings is good health and the best thing that can reside in the heart is conviction. A cheated man is he who has been cheated of his religion and an enviable person is he whose conviction is envied.

Vitality is the most beneficial of bounties.

There are two divisions of intellect: the natural intellect and the intellect of experience, and both of them produce benefit.

The believer is silent in order that he remains safe, and speaks [only] in order to benefit.

The best type of knowledge is that which benefits.

Imam Husayn (AS) said to Ibn Abbas, Do not speak about things that do not concern you, for I fear for you the burden [of sin], and do not speak about things that concern you until you find speaking to be appropriate.

Never deem any act of common courtesy that you are able to carry out as insignificant in comparing it to a greater act, for verily the simple act performed when the need for it arises is more beneficial to its receptor than the great act for which there is no need. Perform for each day good acts that befit it and you will grow on the right course.

Whoever gives a speaker his full attention has indeed expressed a form of worship or adulation to him. If the speaker leads one to Allah through his words, then it is as if one worships Allah [by giving him attention], but if he leads one to Satan through his words, it is as if one worships Satan.