داخلہ اردو

Whoever listens attentively reaps its benefits immediately.

The most Godwary of people is he who speaks the truth, be it for or against himself.

When Allah is angry with a nation but doe’s not send punishment down upon them, then the prices rise, lives become short, the merchants do not profit, the fruits do not grow, the rivers do not abound with water, rain is withheld from them, and their evil ones gain authority over them.

The one amongst people to be the most severely punished will be the knowledgeable man who has not benefited from his knowledge one bit.

The most beneficial thing for a man is his precedence over others at knowing his own fault.

is he to whom action in accordance with what is right is more beloved - even if it damages and worries him - than what is false, even if it gives him benefit and increases him.

When the knowledgeable man does not act upon his knowledge, his exhortation slips away from the hearts like the rain slips off a flat rock.

The exhortation which cannot be missed by the hearing, nor matched by any other benefit is that which the tongue of speech remains silent about and is expressed by the tongue of action.

You will be more overjoyed for what you have given away than the one who asked you for what you have given him.

Imam Ali (AS), in his will to his son al-Hasan (AS) said, You have in your world that with which you can reform your [eternal] abode, so spend rightfully and do not be a storage place for others [ s dues].

Verily there is no price for your soul except for Paradise, so do not sell it for anything else.

Faith is to prefer to tell the truth, even if it be to your detriment, over lying even though it be to your benefit.

Allah's creatures are His dependents, so the most beloved of God’s creatures to Him are those who benefit His dependents and bring happiness into a family.

Adhere to truthfulness even if you fear its harm, for it is better for you than lying even if it is hoped to bring you benefit.

Adhere to silence for the very least of its benefits is safety.

There are two divisions of intellect: the natural intellect and the intellect of experience, and both of them produce benefit.

Imam al-Baqir (AS), speaking to Sad al-Khayr said, I advise you to be wary of your duty to Allah, for in it is safety from ruin, and a gain in the Hereafter.

The merchant of this world risks his wealth and his soul, while the merchant of the Hereafter is a profiting winner: his first profit is his soul and then the sublime Paradise.