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The least of what you are obliged to do for Allah is to not use His bounties to commit acts of disobedience to Him.

Imam Ali (AS) was once asked, Which sin hastens punishment down on its perpetrator the fastest? to which he replied, He who wrongs somebody that has no helper save Allah, he who repays bounties with negligence and laxity, and he who displays arrogant and intimidating behaviour towards the poor.

O people! Ask Allah for conviction and seek good health from him, for the greatest of blessings is good health and the best thing that can reside in the heart is conviction. A cheated man is he who has been cheated of his religion and an enviable person is he whose conviction is envied.

Complete the bounties of Allah over you by having patience in obeying Him, and refraining from disobeying Him.

The thankful person prospers more as a result of his thanks than as a result of the bounty which incited the thanks, because bounties are sources of delight [in this world] whereas to thank brings bounties in this world and the hereafter.

Vitality is the most beneficial of bounties.

Imam Zayn al-Abidin (as) said in his supplication, ‘So how can I ever give thanks to you [as I should], for every thanks that I give requires another thanksgiving. Whenever I say, ‘To You belong Praise [Thanks]’, it becomes thereby incumbent upon me to say, ‘To You belongs Praise [Thanks].

By Allah! Allah wants but two traits to be present in people: to acknowledge His favors so that He may increase them, and to confess their sins so that He may forgive them.

That good is no good after which there is the Fire, and that hardship is no hardship after which there is Paradise. Every bliss other than Paradise is inferior and every calamity other than the Fire is comfort.