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When anyone of you enters his own house, he should greet with peace, for verily it brings down benediction, and angels come to keep him company.

Say Salam (greetings) loudly and the blessings within your house will increase.

The best moral trait is completing one's favours.

The least of what you are obliged to do for Allah is to not use His bounties to commit acts of disobedience to Him.

Increase your charity and you will be provided more.

Imam Ali (as) said in his supplication of Shaban, O Allah, grant me the perfection of devotion to You, and illuminate the sight of our hearts with the radiance of looking at You until the sight of our hearts pierces through the veils of light, reaching the source of Exaltedness.

Verily kindness leads to an increase in sustenance.

Blessings are in trading and transactions.

Charity fulfills the repayment of debts and brings about blessings.

If justice is maintained among people they will become needless, the sky will pour down its sustenance [rain], and the earth will bring out its blessings [plants, fruits and minerals] with the permission of Allah Almighty.

Verily leniency brings about abundance and benediction, and one who is divested of leniency is deprived of good.

Verily in leniency is to be found abundance and benediction, so whoever is divested of leniency is deprived of good.

Complete the bounties of Allah over you by having patience in obeying Him, and refraining from disobeying Him.

The farmers are the treasures of people, who plant pure seeds produced by Allah, blessed and most high, and on the day of Judgment, they will be the best of people in station and the nearest of them in rank, and they will be called, ‘the blessed ones’.

The thankful person prospers more as a result of his thanks than as a result of the bounty which incited the thanks, because bounties are sources of delight [in this world] whereas to thank brings bounties in this world and the hereafter.

Giving in charity helps settle debts and leaves behind blessings.