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Verily those who love each other for the sake of God will, on the day of Judgment, be on the pulpits of light, and the light of their faces and their bodies and their pulpits will enlighten everything until they will be known by it, and then it will be said: Those are the ones who loved each other for the sake of God.

The status of patience in one’s affairs is the same as that of the head to the body; just as the body starts to decay if the head is cut from it, likewise the affairs are ruined if patience departs from them.

Good moral conduct is the zakat of bounties, intercession is the zakat of high status, ailments are the zakat of the body, amnesty is the zakat of victory, and all that you give out zakat on is protected from being snatched away from you.

Interact with [vile] people with the use of your tongues and your bodies, and part from them with your hearts and your actions.

Purify these bodies and Allah will purify you. For when a servant sleeps in a state of purity, an angel sleeps with him [engaged] in his remembrance. Any time of the night when he turns over, the angel says, O Allah forgive Your servant, for he has slept pure.

"Just as rust covers iron until it destroys it, jealousy too torments the body until it destroys it. The same way that rust covers iron until it is destroyed, jealousy too torments the body until it is destroyed. "

There is no medicine except that it exacerbates another ailment, and there is nothing more beneficial to the body than self-restraint from all except that which the body needs.