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Entertain good opinion about Allah, For Allah says: I deal with my faithful servant according to his opinion about Me. If he thinks good about Me, then I will be good to him, and if he thinks bad about me, I will treat him accordingly.

When Allah wants good for a servant, He makes him proficient in the knowledge of religion.

The root of self-restraint is contentment, and its fruit is fewer sorrows.Outcome

The least of what you are obliged to do for Allah is to not use His bounties to commit acts of disobedience to Him.

The life of world is but short, and its good, little, its approaching, deception, and its turning away, a catestroph, its pleasures are transient, and its consequences, enduring.

Verily Satan manipulates the son of Adam in everything, and once he exhausts him, he mounts him by means of wealth and seizes his neck.

Verily Allah loves those good actions which are hastened towards.

Verily leniency brings about abundance and benediction, and one who is divested of leniency is deprived of good.

Allah Almighty revealed unto Prophet David (AS) saying, I put Satiety in contentment, whilst they seek it [richness] in abundance of wealth but do not find it.

Be content and you will attain honour.

Absolute goodness that is untainted with evil is being thankful for bounties and having patience in calamity.

A man came to the Prophet (SAWA) and said, O Messenger of Allah, whom shall I be good to? He said, Your mother. He asked, Then who? He (SAWA) said, Your mother. He asked, Then who? He (SAWA) said, Your mother. He said, And then who? He (SAWA) replied, Your father.