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Among people, the person with the least comfort is the rancorous one.

Allah revealed to Prophet David (as), Remember me in the good days so that I may answer [and assist] you in the bad [and difficult] days.

Abstaining from the vain pleasures of this world puts the heart and the body at rest, whereas longing for them exhausts the heart and the body.

Acquaint yourself with Allah in times of ease and Allah will acknowledge you in times of difficulty.

That good is no good after which there is the Fire, and that hardship is no hardship after which there is Paradise. Every bliss other than Paradise is inferior and every calamity other than the Fire is comfort.

Ease and do not cause hardship [when propagating], and comfort and do not nauseate.

A believer must supplicate Allah in times of ease the same way that he supplicates Allah in times of difficulty.