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Be content with what has been allotted to you [of sustenance] and you will be considered a believer.

Verily those who have the greatest knowledge of God are the most satisfied with His decree.

The richest of people is one who is content/ satisfied with God's share [for him].

I guarantee that the one who entertains in his heart nothing save satisfaction with Allah, has only to ask Allah and He will answer him.

Verily those with the greatest knowledge of Allah are the ones who are the most satisfied with His decree.

Weakness of conviction is that you satisfy people by displeasing Allah Almighty, and that you praise them for the sustenance that Allah Almighty has given you, and you blame them for what Allah has not given you.

Satisfy yourself with Allah s share [for you] and you will be the richest of people.

Be content with what Allah has allotted for you, do not look at what others have, and do not wish for what you cannot acquire, for whoever is content will be satiated and whoever is not content will never be satiated, and take your portion of your hereafter.

Imam Ali (AS), in a letter that he wrote to Muhammad b. Abu Bakr, said, Try to the best of your ability not to displease your Lord by pleasing any of His creatures, for verily Allah can easily substitute a servant for another but the servant has recourse to no other substitute for Allah.

The one who contents himself with the wrong action of a group of people is as one who plunges into it with them, and every person who plunges into wrongdoing is guilty of two sins: the sin of having committed the wrong and the sin of being content with it.

Satisfaction with unpleasant decree is one of the highest levels of conviction.

A child is a master for seven years, a servant for seven years, and a minister for seven years. If you are content with assisting him during these twenty one years [and have reached your aim of training him] then be it, or else strike him on his shoulder for you have completed your excuse to Allah in him.

Blessed be the one who adorns himself with chastity and is content with the bare necessities.

The sign of Allah's pleasure with His servant is the satisfaction found in the servant himself with all that Allah decrees, be it in his favor or not.

There is no greater tribulation than your indifference towards your sins and your satisfaction with your current state of affairs.

It is unlawful for anyone to use the property of his brother except by his consent.

He who is content with God's decree is at rest.

One who is pleased with what God has allotted to him would not grieve over what is in people's hands.