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The best form of charity is that you give away when you are healthy and covetous, when you have high hopes of having a lasting life and fear poverty and that you do not wait until you are breathing your last, saying: ‘this is for x and this is for y, for at that time, your property will be for given to others any way.

Beware of having little provision [for the journey of the Hereafter] and increase your readiness for your departure.

When you head for bed then look at what you have put in your stomach [during the day] and what you have earned in your day, and remember that you are to die and that you will be resurrected.

When the alms-tax is not paid, livestock die as a result.

When any of you dies, his Resurrection starts; and he sees what good and bad he has [accumulated].

When a jurist dies a void is left in Islam that nothing can ever again fill, and that is because the jurist believers are the fortress of Islam just like the fortress and the walls that surround and protect the city.

Provide for yourself [what you will need in the hereafter] before the day of your settlement , and prepare a house for yourself before the day of your landing.

Those among people with the most number of desires/ wishes happen to be the ones who remember death the least.

Remember death frequently, for no sooner does man increase his remembrance of death than he begins to renounce this world s life.

Increase your remembrance of death, the day that you will rise from your graves, and your standing before Allah, Mighty and Exalted, and your afflictions will become easier to bea

Indeed fear of people must not prevent any of you from speaking the truth when he sees it fit to remind others of the grandeur of Allah, for neither will it [i.e. speaking the truth] hasten your destined end, nor will it ward off your decreed sustenance.

As for prolonged desire, it causes one to forget the Hereafter.

[Consider] your sojourn in this world just as a house that you stayed in and [soon] departed from, or an object of perfection that you witnessed in a dream then you awoke and not a thing from it remained with you. I have given you this parable because this world, according to the people of intellect and knowledge of Allah, is just as the shadow in the shade.

The most sagacious one from among you is he who remembers death the most, and the most prudent one from among you is he who is the most prepared for it.