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The most miserly person with regards to his wealth is the most liberal in squandering away his honour.

The most miserly person is he who does not spend his money on himself and stores it away for his inheritors.

The bane of economy is miserliness.

The bane of riches is miserliness.

Verily miserliness, cowardice and greed are all evil impulses caused by entertaining a low opinion of Allah.

Indeed I fear three things for my community: obeying their greed, following their desires, and an astray leader.

The miser is he who denies what is Allah s right, and spends instead for a purpose other than Allah s sake.

Miserliness in giving [to others] what is at hand comes from one's mistrust in God.

The miser stores [wealth] for his inheritors.

Merits come through good perfection [of character] and noble actions, and not through abundant wealth and great feats.

The believer is forbearing and doe's not act rashly [with others], and if others behave rashly with him he forbears, he does not oppress, and if oppression is done to him, he forgives, he is never stingy, and if someone is stingy towards him, he remains patient.

Wealth is a means of honour for its owner as long as he gives it, as it is a means of humiliation for him when he is miserly with it.

The miserly hoarder gathers for those who will not thank him, and will come to Him who will not excuse him.

Man s open-handedness endears him to his opponents, and his stinginess makes him hated even by his children.

Two traits can never be found in a believer: miserliness and ill-naturedness.

The best ones from among you are those who are liberal and the worst ones from among you are the miserly.

Blessings be upon he who spends the excess of his money and guards the excess of his speech.