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Sudden death is ease for the believer and a regretful overtaking for the disbeliever.

The world is the prison of the believer, the grave is his fortress and Paradise is his final abode. The world is the Paradise of the disbeliever, the grave is his prison and the Fire is his final abode.

Imam al-Sadiq (as) was once asked why the one who abandons the prayer is considered an infidel and not the fornicator, to which he replied, ‘Because the fornicator and other [such sinners] commits the sin out of a desire that overcomes him, whereas the one who abandons the prayer only does so because he does not take it seriously, deeming it insignificant.

If the world was worth the same as the wing of a mosquito in Allah s eyes, the disbeliever and the insolent person would never get to drink a sip of water from it.

that my community after me will become swathed with trials like parts of a dark night. At that time a person will be a believer in the morning and a disbeliever in the evening; he will sleep a believer and wake up a disbeliever. Groups will sell their religion for a small offer of the world.

It only takes for a Muslim to deliberately abandon the performance of the daily obligatory prayer or to not perform it out of carelessness, for him to become an infidel (kafir).

Allah says, Were it not for My believing servant, I would have tied a headband of jewels around the head of the disbeliever.