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There are six signs of a person of conviction: he has truly attained conviction in Allah and believed in Him, he is convinced that death is true and he is wary of it, he is convinced that Resurrection is true and he fears shame , he is convinced that Heaven is true and he longs for it, he is convinced that Hell is true and his endeavour is apparent in his wanting to be saved from it, he is convin...

Verily the inmates of the Fire will be tormented by the stench of the knowledgeable man who had abandoned his knowledge.

Piety is the master of action. He who does not have piety to prevent him from an act of disobedience to Allah Almighty when left with it, Allah will not care about any of his other actions. This means that it [piety] is fear of Allah, both in secret and in public, economizing both in poverty and wealth, and fairness both in [times of] contentment and discontentment.

There are three things that are the pride of a believer and his ornament in this world and the Hereafter: prayer at the end of the night [night vigil], his despair of that which others own, and his allegiance to the Imam from the progeny of Muhammad (s).

The remembrance of death kills the desires in the self and uproots the sources of inattentiveness. It strengthens the heart about Allah s promises, softens one s attitude, breaks the pillars of inclinations, extinguishes the fire of greed, and it degrades the world.

Whoever makes his sovereignty subservient to his religion, all rulers will submit to him. And whoever makes his religion subservient to his sovereignty then all people will become greedy for it [i.e. his sovereignty].

Whoever gloats over an affliction that has befallen his fellow brother does not leave this world until he is tried similarly.

O Ali, there are six consequences that result from fornication, three of which are in this world and three in the Hereafter. In this world, it takes away one s beauty, hastens one s death and cuts off one s sustenance. In the Hereafter, it results in an evil reckoning, solicits the indignation of the Merciful Himself and makes one deserving of eternity in the Fire.