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When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

someone or something], then do not seek to make it true. And if you are jealous [of someone or something] then do not covet them, and if you draw an evil omen from something, ignore it and walk away.

When you commit an evil deed then follow it with the performance of a good deed to efface it.

The person to experience the greatest punishment will be the man who recompenses good done unto him with evil.

Punish the wrongdoer by rewarding the good-doer.

The world is the origin of evil and the place of deceit.

The evil omen takes effect according to what you make of it – if you do not take it seriously, it will not be serious, and if you attach great importance

The malicious sins have all been put in one house, and the key for it is lying.

It is not befitting for a believer to sit in a gathering where Allah is disobeyed if he is unable to make a change.

He who loves you forbids you [from committing sin].

He whose friendship is not for the sake of Allah must be avoided, for his friendship is vile, and his company is doomed.

I have found righteousness to be a light in the heart, an adornment on the face, and firmness in action, but I have found wickedness to be blackness in the heart, weakness in action, and a blemish on the face.