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Make your earnings lawful and your supplication will be answered, for verily when a man raises an unlawful morsel of food to his mouth, his supplication is not answered for forty days.

Feeding the prisoner is the obligatory duty of the person who has captured him, even if he intends to execute him the next day; he must be fed, given water, sheltered, and treated well - whether he is a disbeliever or not.

Verily a servant raises his hands to Allah [in supplication] while his food is unlawful! So how can his supplications be answered while he is in this state?!

The believer is he whose earnings are pure, whose character is beautiful, whose conscience is clean, who gives away whatever is surplus from his wealth, and guards whatever is surplus from his speech.

Three things deserve the antipathy of Allah, the Exalted: [excessive] sleeping without night-vigil, laughing without a cause, and eating on a full stomach

The right of a believer upon his fellow believing brother is that he must not satisfy his own hunger while his brother is hungry, or quench his own thirst while his brother is thirsty, or be dressed in [fine] clothes while his brother remains bare without any clothes. How great is the right of a Muslim upon his Muslim brother.

The most evil of food is the wrongful consumption of the property of the orphans.

How I wonder at people who keep away from certain types of food for fear of harm to themselves, and yet do not keep away from sins for fear of the Fire!?

Allah, glory be to Him, says, 'I am the best of partners, for whoever performs a deed for Me as well as for someone else alongside Me, I will not accept it, except for that which is done for Me alone.

The nourishment of the body is food whilst the nourishment of the soul is feeding others.